Saturday, 12 August 2017

An Advantage or a Disadvantage?

Is it an advantage or a disadvantage for the hard of hearing person if they don't hear a fart?

Case in point: my husband recently told me that he often farts in front of me - especially at night when I don't have my hearing assistive devices on. The only time when I do know if he farts without my hearing assistive devices on is when there's a huge stink involved.

Other case in point: We were watching TV and out came this big boom. Me = "what on earth was that!?!'" Husband = *snickering* "I farted" Me = *face of disgust and groan*

So what do you think? Advantage or disadvantage?

I vote advantage. Ignorance can be bliss.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Ava Scribe

If you're deaf or hard of hearing, you'll know that reliable transcription (voice to text) services are valued, and often comes at a hefty cost! This article is about a new transcription app that a new audiologist friend of mine introduced to me not long ago. It's called Ava Scribe (I'll call it Ava for short)! You can find it on your iPhone or Android devices. I have a Samsung, so that gives you a bit of perspective where my technology use is at.

The logo for Ava Scribe
At first, when I heard about Ava I was intrigued. First off, it's free (yay! But there is a slight catch... more on that later), and had the ability to transcribe conversations in real time. Wow. For the deaf or hard of hearing consumer, this could be life changing. 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Journey to Alaska

Oops. There goes my #mombrain.

I just realized I forgot to write about our adventures to Alaska! A week after we returned home from our month long road trip, we found a smoking hot deal to go on an Alaskan cruise on Holland America's Nieuw Amsterdam! A bucket list trip for my husband, who has always wanted to do that cruise.

In front of our ship in rainy Juneau
Fresh from unpacking, it was a strange feeling to be packing again - except this time we had to bring warmer clothes (sweaters, toques, extra pants!) and evening clothes for the dining room. I'll be honest...we actually brought slightly more on our 1 week cruise to Alaska than we did for 4 weeks in California! Weather makes a huge difference. Though note to self: glad I brought more underwear this time.

The four of us hunkered down in a single cabin, mom and dad in a queen size bed, toddler in a pull out bed and babe in a pack&play. There wasn't much room to spare. Originally our stateroom was set up in a much more space efficient configuration (pack&play was placed next to our bed), giving us ample space to move around. The biggest problem for us was that there was no outlet nearby. Most cabins only have one or two outlet spots for hairdryer and cell phone use. This is usually located in a very obscure spot, far away from the bed. 

What's the importance of having an outlet nearby anyhow, you may ask? 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Biracial Cochlear Implant

My Cochlear Implant is Biracial!

When you're out and your rechargeable battery dies... 

And then your SPARE battery dies...

My last resort was my husband's SPARE battery!

All I can say is: thank goodness I have a hard of hearing husband.

Enjoy this hot weather everyone!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A HOH Wedding

Wedding season is on! And a few of my fellow Hard of Hearing (HOH) friends are getting hitched. 

They've also been asking me what kind of accessible services I had at our wedding, in 2011. This is a great question, as it could mean missing out on important things - in particular the wedding vows! Now who would want to mess up on that anyway?

Communication Access Realtime Translation, or CART for short, is our preferred method of verbal translation. CART can produce over 200 words per minute, and is to date, the fastest translation system we Canadians can access. In essence, the Captionist operating a stenograph machine translates what's being said in verbatim - similar to what you would find in court reporting.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hear By the Sea

Five days ago we wrapped up CHHA's 35th Anniversary in Sidney, BC, a mere 15 minute drive away from our home. With approximately 130 participants, it was a great opportunity to network, meet new (and old!) friends, and listen to a presentation with minimal difficulty. Captioning and hearing loops were provided for all sessions!
I did not see whales... but thankfully we see them for free on our many ferry rides!
Many of you know that I also met my husband at the very first Canadian Hard of Hearing Association's (CHHA) National Conference that I attended in 2008. That conference was also in partnership with the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People's Congress. In a way, CHHA has become a part of our lives.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Our Minimalist Road Trip 2017

We are back!

Actually, we got back 10 days ago - I needed a few days to recover, organize my meals, sort the mail, and do all the responsible 'adulting' things.This will be a long post as we did a LOT. 44 American License Plates found, and plenty of punch buggy fists were thrown between myself and Curtis.

In case you didn't read the last couple of posts, I left you in San Diego, where we enjoyed the San Diego Zoo, Coronado Beach, and Legoland. A brief overview of each attraction is described.

San Diego Zoo: Our airbnb was a short 5 minutes' drive from the zoo. Incredibly convenient as we were there from opening to about 3:30pm. Long day for two little girls! We pretty much covered the entire zoo on foot, only taking a break for lunch and nursing/snack breaks. I'll never forget hearing my 3 year old tell us "come ON! We need to go and see the other animals!". Her favorite animal was the jaguar; I'll never forget the look on her face when she told me that the jaguar had "scary eyes".
Love this :)
Coronado Beach: A must see! We went on a prime weather day. I packed lunch for all of us and we ate a splendid feast right by the water. We weren't the only ones there - lots of people to 'people' watch, and yes, I even did my 'Baywatch' run with Rachel (unfortunately I'm not as hot as the actors are). Rachel loved rolling around in the sand, and Sarah just enjoyed waving to random people.